Permanent Makeup by Ashleigh Beevers



Permanent Eyeliner & Lash enhancement

Lash enhancement

This is a treatment to create a thicker, fuller looking lash line. Mineral pigment is applied between the lashes giving a naturally enhanced finish. It achieves longer looking lashes and creates a darker lash border, perfect for ladies maintaining a subtle yet effective change.

Eyeliner defines your eyes and boosts your confidence by having perfectly applied eyeliner without the need for a shaky hand. Professionally applied and completely smudge free, it could save you time every day and is a short cut to a perfect evening look.  Opening the eye area, this procedure heals to a soft smoky finish which enhances all eye colours, making lashes feel longer and making you feel beautiful from the moment you wake up.

  • Eyelash enhancement – £175


  • Bottom liner – £175
  • Top liner £225 – £250 (depending on thickness)
  • Both – £350

Permanent Lip Liner and Lip Blush

Get a fuller looking, more symmetrical lip shape that boosts volume, restores colour and defines the lip line. We can achieve the perfect pout you have always wanted, whether that is by improving any asymmetries your natural lip may have or simply restoring the colour to give a more youthful look. The bespoke colours we create can be anything from a subtle shade for natural enhancements, or a more adventurous vibrant shade to match your favourite lipstick. Both of these achieve beautiful results and with just a touch of clear gloss you will be ready to go.

  • Lip Liner – 195
  • Lip blush – 235
  • Full lip colour – 350

Permanent eyebrows

Correct all those years of over plucking and take time off your daily makeup regime, with a set of beautifully symmetrical eyebrows that will instantly enhance your entire facial feature. This is a chance to create the perfect frame for your face with delicate eye strokes where your natural hairs may be sparse. Alternatively, filling them in with a soft powdered finish, that will stay perfect all day with no worry of rubbing them off or smudging them. Even with just a subtle brow lift the results can be life changing and once we have designed your perfect set, you will never want to be without them.

  • Natural Hair Simulation Powdered Effect Brow/Mix of both – £295

Having a consultation

Consultations are highly advised when thinking about permanent makeup, providing reassurance that you’re choosing the right technician for you. We can go through your reasons for wanting permanent makeup as well as looking at pictures discussing what you like or dislike about different techniques to help us design your look and meet your expectations. It is really helpful for me to see how you wear your makeup day to day as well.

Patch Testing

I require a patch test to be performed at least 12 hours prior to your appointment. I include this as part of your consultation. However, if you are travelling from a distance or cannot get in for consultation beforehand the equipment needed along with full instructions can be sent to you to be carried out yourself. Please note that even if you’ve previously had permanent makeup elsewhere this doesn’t exclude you from having another patch test with me.

All pigments I use are hypo-allergic.